BBA in Management from UTB Update

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Many students are interested in taking courses at Texas State Technical College (TSTC) Harlingen with the goal of transferring out to another university.  TSTC Harlingen has an articulation agreement with the (UTB) University of Texas at Brownsville's School of Business where a student with an interest of pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management degree can take virtually every prerequisite required for the program at TSTC, then transfer out.  

With any articulation agreement, there are always "fine print" that aren't widely known to students until they encounter problems.  I recently had a student contact me as she encountered some of those obstacles.  Included in this post is a PDF of the basic degree plan from UTB.  

Here's how to read it:

The first block [ General Education Core – B.B.A. 48 Hours] is the general Academic Core you must complete at either institution.  For every course mentioned in this block, TSTC has a corresponding course to match it that is FULLY transferable.  A student can either take them individually or complete our Academic Core and receive credit for these 48 hours. 

The second block [Bus. Admin. Lower Division Core – 18 Hours] are specific courses needed to continue with UTB's School of Business.  The left hand column shows the UTB courses required. Here is a list of courses that mirrors those requirements including the "Fine Print":


I hope this clarifies the transition.  Remember also that UTB's Off-Campus University offers a lot of the Upper Division courses at TSTC. So in essence, it will be UTB's instructors and tuition but TSTC's facilities. 

BBAinManagementUTB.pdf View this on Posterous


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