How are YOU placing?

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Most students don't give too much emphasis on Placement Tests such as the Accuplacer.  There seems to either be a mass confusion or lack of seriousness from students.  

What Students Don't Realize

Remedial (Developmental) courses, such as: DMTH, READ & WRIT, can take up a good portion of time when attempting to finish your degree.  You can actually add up to a year's worth of extra courses to your degree timeline depending on how low/high you place.  

I'm not trying to scare anyone, but I do want to emphasize the importance of this.  

Not All is Lost

Believe it or not…there are ways "around" it. 

Your Options:

1) Quick Reviews. Every semester, roughly the week prior to the start of classes, developmental departments offer "Quick Reviews" in their subject area.  They usually last the entire week, but if you score high enough on the Accuplacer test given at the end – you can hopefully bypass a class or two.  
2) Accuplacer Tutoring. The Office of Student Success offers a tutor geared for Accuplacer assistance only! 🙂  He is available every day during certain hours at a time.  
3) Learning Communities.  These allow you to take two "joined" classes (usually one remedial and one academic course) together with similar topic assignments. One that is pending for future semesters is WRIT 0100 and ENGL 1301…which benefits a student because you typically need WRIT 0200 completed before taking ENGL 1301.  

No matter how you go about it…please be sure to speak to an Advisor…they will be able to help you see any other obstacles or options in your future! 


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