3 Services EVERY student should know…

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Being a college student is somewhat hectic.  Having to jumble a full course load, homework, a job or two and possibly children is not the easiest set of tasks to do simultaneously.  I've put together THREE web 2.0 technologies that may possibly ease your burden. I've personally used them and recommend them. 

1.  Jott.com – Assistant Features
 – This service was an excellent help while in school and while managing work.  When I first started using this service, it was free. Unfortunately, the service is now $3.99 a month. I still use it because it has come in handy MANY times.  

   – With Jott, you can capture quick thoughts…quickly…just by using your phone. You can call, text or email "notes" to your Jott account where they are then sent to your email inbox.  You can call Jott and "Jott a note". From there, your message is transcribed and converted to text, then sent to your email address on file.  

   – It was great for setting up reminders about test dates, birthdays, random thoughts and even emailing the professor.  

   – Jott is also compatible with many Web 2.0 social sites such as Google Cal, Remember the Milk, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc., so you can post status updates or add calendar events from this ONE service. 

While you are at it, you can create lists and add to them whenever you recall something that should be on it. 
EXAMPLE: I have a list called "Store".  Whenever an item I need to get from the store crosses my mind, I "jott" it using the Jott.com service.  It is then added to my "Store" list and I am able to get that list text'd to me or emailed to me when I actually go to the store. Now…THAT's convenience. 

If you get interested in it, let me know and I'll send you a coupon code for a free month of service. 

2.  ScanMyEssay.com – VIPER Anti-plagiarism Scanner  (FREE)

   – Easy, accurate…FREE. 

   – This downloadable program scans your computer and the internet, then compares them with your essay to make sure you can't get busted on plagiarism.  It will scan other essays on your computer, published essays on the internet and bring up a highlighted side-by-side comparison of items that look similar.  

    – I'm sure you can see the benefits to this. No further explanation needed. 

3.  FreeFileConvert – File Conversion (FREE)

   – If you have ever come into the situation where you need to convert your Microsoft Word Document into a PDF, but just didn't know how…this site is for you.  You can thank me later. 

   – Simply goto the site, upload your file…choose the format you need it converted to (i.e., docx, pdf, jpg, etc.) then click "convert".  Badda-bing badda-boom.  

These three sites will be life-savers sooner or later if you use them correctly.  For extra tips and tricks or to ask specific questions…respond to this post or email me.  I also have videos up on various topics that may help you out. 


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