A little chat with UTB’s Transcript Evaluator…

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The University of Texas at Brownsville exposes the truth behind the mystery that is “transcript evaluation”.  An interview with one of three transcript evaluators currently working at UTB/TSC leads me to answers I (and every other student) have been searching for since our inception to higher learning. 

I started off slow, with some general questioning before tackling the major issues.  Here’s the noted version…

How long does it take for a transcript to reach you personally (minus mail carrier time)?

 – Bottom line, it can be anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks honestly. Once the transcript is received at the Admissions Office, it is processed by student workers who place the transcript information into a system, then it is passed over to an actual evaluator.


What do you do with it once it reaches your hands? How do you evaluate it?

 – I immediately input the grades for common courses into Datatel. Typically, transcripts from local RGV colleges are quickly placed into the database since their academic core courses will transfer over. When I receive transcripts from other colleges outside the RGV or the state, I first

  1. Check accreditation of that college
  2. Research descriptions of courses that may transfer in

As you can imagine, this may take a while so we generally leave outside (the RGV) colleges for last.

Courses that absolutely do NOT transfer are remedials, certificate of completions, academies (Police Academy, etc.) or Graduate Study courses.

How does that work? Is there a rubric you use or point system to determine what courses are “worthy of transfer”?

 – Honestly, it is technically up to each of our opinions. A bit of power on our side I suppose. I check for matching course descriptions, but generally I  don’t evaluate every course unless the student asks.


Alright, KINE courses…spill it.

 – I will generally give transfer credit into the college for any KINE course that involves a physical activity (even the online versions) except for KINE 1301. As far as KINE 1301 goes…if you took that course on or before Fall 2009, we will take it…if you took it Spring 2010 and on, we won’t.


How do you handle Foriegn Universities?

 – That’s a horse of a different color…for another conversation. 


Very well.


After that conversation, we decided to have a few follow up interviews in the future to dig more in depth on transfer questions.  I’ll be out for a month on military training, but rest assured, I will be tackling this upon my arrival.  If you have specific questions you’d like answered, this is your chance.  Leave them in the comment section for me. 

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