Education’s version of Facebook…

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A report in eSchool News documents the combination of learning and social networking by dissecting a new social site, Grockit.  This site is eventually going to be geared toward creating a "collaborative learning space online where students can help one another solve homework problems and study". 

I could personally see how that would work, so long as there are students in your region using this site.  There wouldn't be too much use for it if there is nobody in your area utilizing the service.  Ideally though, you'd be able to access your peer's homework assignments 24/7. The enticing aspect is that a student can receive aid and advice from peers – instantly.  Since Grockit is an altered social networking platform, those individuals participating in the community will be graded and rated by their peers for integrity and service…much like eBay.  

At the moment, Grockit only serves grades 8-12 (Math and English) and Test Prep for the SAT, ACT, GRE and GMAT.  I've registered an account at to explore the service more in depth.  So far…I've been impressed by how they go about analyzing your strengths and weaknesses. You start off by creating a profile and taking some exams depending on what service you will be using (GRE, SAT, etc).  These exams will test your Verbal, Quantitative and other skills. From then on, it is up to you to take Lessons to work with instructors in group classes and one-on-one, partake in a Group Study where you can chat live with other students, exchange tips, and learn by teaching, or Practice Solo and focus on areas all on your own.   

Of course..everything comes with a price…so in that aspect, it really isn't anything like Facebook…


The "Introductory" plan is free…which comes with unlimited Group Study Questions, 20 solo questions, etc…you don't get progress reports or performance reports.  The online personalized tutoring is a "pay as you go" plan..with is pretty pricey, $50 an hour for the GRE section! 

The "Standard", "Tutoring" and "Course" plans range from $79.99 to $399.99 one-time fee for a year's membership.  

My Opinion:

The site seems to be well thought out but over all projects the "I'm here to make money" vibe.  E-learning is relatively new and many studies are being conducted on the pros/cons of e-learning and social groups.  The concept rocks; the "business" side doesn't. 

 As it stands, I'd recommend using Grockit for the free "Introductory" offer to see where you may need some improvement on your skills then find other means of studying…BUT the product is there if you want it. 


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