Earn one Associate and two Bachelor degrees in 3 years!

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Looking to cut your education years in 1/2? Follow this plan, and you can earn ONE Associate of Applied Science degree and TWO Bachelor degrees in 3 years

Many students linger in college, it's practically a part of society's norm. College is typically the "Let Loose" years for the average students.  On the opposite side of that norm are the students that want to get in and out without sacrificing time, money or convenience.  This blog shows you how to do just that.  

The two institutions involved are Texas State Technical College Harlingen, and the University of Texas at Brownsville.  

Step 1:   Enter the Education & Training Program at TSTC Harlingen. This 2 year program has the most Academic Core courses included in the degree plan than any other program at the college.  Once you receive your Associate of Applied Science in Education & Training, you will have 33 credit hours of the academic core (your basics) under your belt. This leaves you with 15 credit hours left, which translates into five courses. You must spread those five courses out during your time at TSTC, which means that you need to take 15 credit hours every semester, instead of the usual 12.  Trust me, one extra class won't hurt, and by doing so, you will finish your basics at the same time as you get your degree. 

Step 2:   Enroll at the University of Texas at Brownsville and pursue the Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences (BAAS) Interdisciplinary Studies degree as well as the Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) Workforce Leadership and Training Degree. This means you plan on getting a double-major.  Your Associate degree that you earned at TSTC will automatically give you 33-36 credit hours towards your bachelor degree(s), which shaves off one year of school.  Lucky you. 

Step 3:   Reference the included picture, those are the classes you MUST take in order to receive each degree.  Notice that they are all the same, with the exception of those two highlighted in red.  All you have to do now is add one of those courses to each semester (which would only be for two semesters), and you will waste ZERO time.  

Note: ALL the referenced UTB courses are available COMPLETELY online. This would be the "convenience" part. 😉

All you must do, is be serious…not fail ANY course, and keep strong! In the end, you will have one associate degree, two bachelor degrees, and only sacrificed 3 years of your life. 🙂 

Please note though, that there are a few more options for you as far as degree choice goes…connect with me on facebook or comments on this blog to learn more.  




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