College 101 Workshops work…

May 11, 2010 at 2:45 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

As our time in the General Studies in Technology Program grows, our adaptation of administering the "College 101" workshop series has altered.  We have included more students populations to include the Helping A TSTC Student Succeed (HATSS) Program, External Articulation Population, High School Equivalency Program (HEP), and the General Studies in Technology GED component.  

Our original survey has been modified to reflect a more precise assessment of freshman student knowledge.  The survey now includes questions on Financial Aid Probation, "6-drop" rule, etc.  Being able to administer this general survey/assessment to our students prior to taking our workshop, then again after receiving the workshop information and seeing the results is astonishing.  

The question still remains as to how many students who are NOT classified as freshman, will actually pass this survey/assessment.  The General Studies in Technology Program advisors and mentors went on a quick 100-student survey spree during the Summer of 2009. The targets were random students in order to not lean one way or the other and receive an accurate portrayal of the knowledge of an "average" student.  

We have presented ourselves with the same task, except the focus will be on students who are NOT freshmen.  This survey will be conducted Summer of 2010 with another 100 students from Texas State Technical College Harlingen.  We'll see what the results bring. Perhaps we will be able to assist students who are still mid-way to completing their educational goals.

The workshop series has been such a success that there are plans to implement the workshop series into the Allied Health programs on campus.  We are looking forward to contributing to the support provided for Texas State Technical College Harlingen students! 


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