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This Fall (2010), you will be able to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management degree at Texas State Technical College Harlingen….literally. TSTC Harlingen has cooperated with the University of Texas at Brownsville in order to provide the physical location for courses pertaining to the BBA in Management.  

In english: You can take UTB courses in TSTC classrooms and get your bachelor degree without setting foot at UTB…until you graduate of course (unless you'd rather not walk).

Of course, there is a process that goes along with it.  This degree is setup up to automatically feed in from TSTC's Academic Core with a Field of Study in Business (EA.FOS.BUSI) degree plan.  This means that after you take the 66 credit hours with TSTC, you become academic core complete AND can start taking your bachelor level courses because you now only have two more years to go.  

April 16th – an information forum was held at TSTC's LRC Orientation room.  

In attendance:
   University of Texas at Brownsville/Texas Southmost College

   – Dr. Rafael Otero, Interim Dean of the School of Business
   – Maggie Arriaga, Program Coordinator
   – Cledia Hernandez, Program Director – Off Campus University
   Texas State Technical College Harlingen

   – Joshua Hernandez, Lead Pre-Tech Advisor – Academic Achievement Center
   – Yvonne Browning, Instructor/ Associate Program Chair – Academic Business Programs

Dr. Otero mentions that an alignment has been created between TSTC's and UTB's Associate Degrees, respectively.  The General Core and Business Lower Division Core can be taken at TSTC. (in the "DRAFT" image, the top two blocks are the the General Core and Business Lower Division Core)

Much like other degrees and colleges, the School of Business at UTB has an application process. You must apply to become part of that school within the university, in order to pursue the degree.  Students must have a 2.5 GPA minimum when applying to the School of Business. 

There is also a minimum amount of student interest needed in order for the course to "make".  For this particular set of courses, that number is 15.  Which means that 15 students must register in each course in order for it to come to fabrication.  

This is one of the first steps toward TSTC's ultimate goal of providing a convenient and more affordable means for reaching higher education levels.  The University Articulation Center, that is set to be under construction at TSTC in the near future, will be the centralized location to house various university instructors and program ranging from RGV Universities as well as Central/North Texas Universities.  

For more information regarding the BBA in Management from UTB, such as which courses are being offered this Fall, etc., please feel free to contact me in the medium you are most comfortable with:
Yahoo IM: TSTC_Joshua

Phone: 956.364.4142

Joshua Hernandez
" if you can't solve a problem…You're probably playing by the rules."


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