Are YOU Non-Traditional? You’d better hope so…

March 12, 2010 at 3:08 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
Non-traditional students typically have more opportunities for scholarships, grants, and minor benefits.  All of which are better alternatives to not having anything. 

Did You Know? An occupation in which your sex (male/female) make up 25 percent or less of employment is considered non-traditional for that sex. 

Some examples of non-traditional jobs for women are architects, auto mechanics, drafters, machinists, and insulation workers. Women employed in these jobs typically earn higher wages and have more opportunity for advancement than their male counterparts. 

Some examples of non-traditional jobs for males are nurses, veterinarians, dental assistants, dental hygienist, medical assistant, surgical technician, teacher assistant. 

If you are going to college, check with your institution to see which degrees/trades may qualify you as a non-traditional student.

Choose your college to be directed to a resource: TSTC, STC, UTB/TSC, UTPA.

The benefits? 

  • Child Care Services
  • Textbook Assistance
  • Grant Funds
  • And More! 

It depends on each educational institution, so make sure you follow up on that.  If you qualify…then Congrats! Take advantage of what ever opportunity is available for you…YOU deserve it. 😉


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