New registration “Laws” at TSTC Harlingen

March 3, 2010 at 10:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
Listen up! There are some new "Laws" effective immediately for Texas State Technical College Harlingen…YOU or someone you may know, might be affected. 

"Law" # 1:

Effective immediately all new students registering for the first time at TSTC, including transitory college transfer students, must complete new student orientation PRIOR TO REGISTRATION FOR CLASSES.  For now dual enrollment students who graduate and come to TSTC are not required to complete NSO, nor are returning stop-out students. 
       Faculty may advise new students prior to NSO, but will not be able to enter the courses into Datatel until NSO has been completed and the Datatel block removed by the College Information Office.  That block will be removed as soon as the live orientation ends and within 24 hours after online orientation is completed.    

Explanation: The way it used to work was, a student would come to an advisor – wanting to register for courses.  The advisor would register them for the New Student Orientation (NSO) if they were attending TSTC for the first time, then register them for regular courses.  Now, the student has to register themselves for the NSO (and complete it) before an advisor can register them for courses.  So more responsibility has been put on the student.  

"Law" # 2:

Effective this Summer/Fall registration period, the course schedule book will be available online only.  No more printed course schedule books. 

Explanation: As you may or may not know, TSTC would print "course catalogs" for students to view which classes were being offered the following semester.  We have done away with them. Now they are only available online.  

You can get to this link from the Quick Links drop-down box on our college home page.  A button will be available on the home page soon.  The fall schedule is still under development and won't be available until March 29. 

As always, if there are questions…feel free to contact us! 


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