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Did you know that the last day to drop courses at Texas State Technical College Harlingen – varies depending on whether you are taking courses in-house or online?

It’s TRUE!
The official last day to drop courses with a “W” (for the 15 week session):
In-house (in person) = April 1, 2010
Online = Differs depending on the start date of the course…
FYI: Classes must be officially “dropped” to avoid receiving a failing or incomplete grade. Please stop by the Office of Admissions and Records to pick up a Course Schedule Change Form or call 956.364.4320 for more information.
I would recommend you call Distance Learning (956.364.4950) to see when the official “last day to drop” is for your course(s).
If you are on the regular 15 week session schedule, here’s a little confusing insider information that my co-worker, Robert Foshie, researched…

From 2/8/10 until 3/12/10: A student is allowed to drop ONE class without owing anything. If the student decides to drop all of their classes, they would be responsible for paying back their Financial Aid.

From 3/12/10 until 4/1/10: This is the 60% period…students may drop with a “W” during this time.

Basically, if you plan on dropping only ONE course, you can do it anytime before April 1.  If you plan on dropping more than one, you should wait until AFTER March 12th.

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