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The majority of the time, those who have not yet begun college…or have just started their college journey…feel VERY VERY lost.

I know I was in that boat when I began in 2005.  

From that point on…it was a never ending, twisting road to "on the go" knowledge.  A lot of us don't have, or didn't have, mentors to guide us along the way…especially in South Texas where most of us are first-generation college students.  

Prior to developing the College 101 workshop series at Texas State Technical College Harlingen, we couldn't help but create a survey (more like a mini-test) to see exactly how much knowledge our incoming cohort had in regards to college.  The results were NOT surprising.  

After our initial workshop series was provided, we were asked to present at the 2009 Tech Prep Regional Conference sponsored by Tech Prep of the Rio Grande Valley, Inc.  

The purpose of this presentation was to provide an overview of the inner workings of the Student Success Office and Academic Achievement Center at Texas State Technical College Harlingen, and explore the use of technology, advisement, mentoring, tutoring and supplemental instruction available to students. 

While we are at the conference, we decided at the last minute to conduct the same survey at the beginning of our presentation and compare the results to our students.  

The results were STAGGERING

When asked "How much do you understand about college?", the majority replied "Almost Everything". 

Come to find out, the questions most regularly missed were no different than that of the students we had surveyed only weeks prior.  
There seems to be a bit of confusion or need of clarification regarding the amount of semesters in an Academic Year, and the definition of College Credits, or how to calculate your GPA on a 4.0 scale.  

It was then that we realized how important our workshops were going to be and the hidden need we will be fulfilling.  With that, I'd like to emphasize to everyone who thinks they are behind the curve of college…YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  


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