BBA in Management from UTB Update

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Many students are interested in taking courses at Texas State Technical College (TSTC) Harlingen with the goal of transferring out to another university.  TSTC Harlingen has an articulation agreement with the (UTB) University of Texas at Brownsville's School of Business where a student with an interest of pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management degree can take virtually every prerequisite required for the program at TSTC, then transfer out.  

With any articulation agreement, there are always "fine print" that aren't widely known to students until they encounter problems.  I recently had a student contact me as she encountered some of those obstacles.  Included in this post is a PDF of the basic degree plan from UTB.  

Here's how to read it:

The first block [ General Education Core – B.B.A. 48 Hours] is the general Academic Core you must complete at either institution.  For every course mentioned in this block, TSTC has a corresponding course to match it that is FULLY transferable.  A student can either take them individually or complete our Academic Core and receive credit for these 48 hours. 

The second block [Bus. Admin. Lower Division Core – 18 Hours] are specific courses needed to continue with UTB's School of Business.  The left hand column shows the UTB courses required. Here is a list of courses that mirrors those requirements including the "Fine Print":


I hope this clarifies the transition.  Remember also that UTB's Off-Campus University offers a lot of the Upper Division courses at TSTC. So in essence, it will be UTB's instructors and tuition but TSTC's facilities. 

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How are YOU placing?

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Most students don't give too much emphasis on Placement Tests such as the Accuplacer.  There seems to either be a mass confusion or lack of seriousness from students.  

What Students Don't Realize

Remedial (Developmental) courses, such as: DMTH, READ & WRIT, can take up a good portion of time when attempting to finish your degree.  You can actually add up to a year's worth of extra courses to your degree timeline depending on how low/high you place.  

I'm not trying to scare anyone, but I do want to emphasize the importance of this.  

Not All is Lost

Believe it or not…there are ways "around" it. 

Your Options:

1) Quick Reviews. Every semester, roughly the week prior to the start of classes, developmental departments offer "Quick Reviews" in their subject area.  They usually last the entire week, but if you score high enough on the Accuplacer test given at the end – you can hopefully bypass a class or two.  
2) Accuplacer Tutoring. The Office of Student Success offers a tutor geared for Accuplacer assistance only! 🙂  He is available every day during certain hours at a time.  
3) Learning Communities.  These allow you to take two "joined" classes (usually one remedial and one academic course) together with similar topic assignments. One that is pending for future semesters is WRIT 0100 and ENGL 1301…which benefits a student because you typically need WRIT 0200 completed before taking ENGL 1301.  

No matter how you go about it…please be sure to speak to an Advisor…they will be able to help you see any other obstacles or options in your future! 

UTB Courses at TSTC – Spring 2011

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UTB/TSC Courses Right Here in Harlingen

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Christmas Tree Decorating 2010

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Ever wonder what the behind-the-scenes…scene…looks like? Here’s a view of what happens to create those awesome Christmas Trees you see in the Learning Resource Center Lobby…[[posterous-content:pid___0]]

FALL 2010 Awards Luncheon

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Tech Prep Conference Notes on Social Media Flowchart

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College Transfer Session Fall 2010

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3 Services EVERY student should know…

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Being a college student is somewhat hectic.  Having to jumble a full course load, homework, a job or two and possibly children is not the easiest set of tasks to do simultaneously.  I've put together THREE web 2.0 technologies that may possibly ease your burden. I've personally used them and recommend them. 

1. – Assistant Features
 – This service was an excellent help while in school and while managing work.  When I first started using this service, it was free. Unfortunately, the service is now $3.99 a month. I still use it because it has come in handy MANY times.  

   – With Jott, you can capture quick thoughts…quickly…just by using your phone. You can call, text or email "notes" to your Jott account where they are then sent to your email inbox.  You can call Jott and "Jott a note". From there, your message is transcribed and converted to text, then sent to your email address on file.  

   – It was great for setting up reminders about test dates, birthdays, random thoughts and even emailing the professor.  

   – Jott is also compatible with many Web 2.0 social sites such as Google Cal, Remember the Milk, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc., so you can post status updates or add calendar events from this ONE service. 

While you are at it, you can create lists and add to them whenever you recall something that should be on it. 
EXAMPLE: I have a list called "Store".  Whenever an item I need to get from the store crosses my mind, I "jott" it using the service.  It is then added to my "Store" list and I am able to get that list text'd to me or emailed to me when I actually go to the store. Now…THAT's convenience. 

If you get interested in it, let me know and I'll send you a coupon code for a free month of service. 

2. – VIPER Anti-plagiarism Scanner  (FREE)

   – Easy, accurate…FREE. 

   – This downloadable program scans your computer and the internet, then compares them with your essay to make sure you can't get busted on plagiarism.  It will scan other essays on your computer, published essays on the internet and bring up a highlighted side-by-side comparison of items that look similar.  

    – I'm sure you can see the benefits to this. No further explanation needed. 

3.  FreeFileConvert – File Conversion (FREE)

   – If you have ever come into the situation where you need to convert your Microsoft Word Document into a PDF, but just didn't know how…this site is for you.  You can thank me later. 

   – Simply goto the site, upload your file…choose the format you need it converted to (i.e., docx, pdf, jpg, etc.) then click "convert".  Badda-bing badda-boom.  

These three sites will be life-savers sooner or later if you use them correctly.  For extra tips and tricks or to ask specific questions…respond to this post or email me.  I also have videos up on various topics that may help you out. 

3 keys to showing students you care

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Advisors, when they first start off, are motivated and dedicated. Over time, some tend to lose the sense of accomplishment that comes with service.  Often times, it isn't complacency that gets in the way, it is communication. 

Communication is critical to the advising process, and the foundation of good communication is respect and caring. I've taken a step back from the job. I've taken a retrospective look into what has worked, what has not, and why.  Here is what I came up with:

1) The first key is to take students seriously. Each has a different perspective and each student brings a new situation with them. 

2) The second is to never assume a student knows everything. Many advisors just jargon and tend to assume that every student knows the admissions process or the process to add/drop courses, etc.  This is one of the worse mistakes an advisor can make. Your goal should be to enlighten and educate, regardless of the student's age or perceived knowledge. 

3) You MUST make it personal. Students are coming to you for guidance and direction. If they wanted a systematic response, they would use the online chat feature on your school's main website for help.  Students are looking for that personal touch from an advisor. As an advisor, you should remember their name and situation because of all the thought and time spent on their case. 

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